Copyrighting Protects What Is Rightfully Yours

STS Fine Art, “Painting Tomorrow’s Memories Today” by S. Thomas Sierak creates figurative pastel works of art, featuring originals, open editions, limited editions and giclee’s. When the artwork is complete, a title is then given. Cindi Sierak, of Spring Hill, Fla., stated, “With technology today, one can now go on-line, submit a form with a… Read More

Electronic Eavesdropping: Shame on You!

“Don’t talk on the phone where people can hear you.” Former National Security Agency (NSA) chief Michael V. Hayden learned a valuable lesson on Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013, while aboard an Amtrak train to Newark, New Jersey. Unfortunately for Hayden, he was on a personal telephone call and there was an individual sitting near him by the… Read More