A Legacy of Fighting Breast Cancer

Yelina Medrano Skipper of Tampa, Fla., is a fourth generation breast cancer survivor. Skipper is currently 10 years in remission and her sister, Ivania Medrano Mejuto has been in remission for approximately 13 years. Skipper said, “My grandmother died at 40-years-old, my aunt died at 60-years-old, and my mother got it in her 50s, but… Read More

NYPD Retired Officer Still Going Strong

Samuel Perez of Lutz, Fla., retired from the New York City Police Department after 20 years of honorable and distinguished service. Perez held numerous ranks within the police department and was directly involved with 9/11 Ground Zero recovery efforts. Upon retirement he temporarily left law enforcement, and worked in different aspects of the private sector. Eventually,… Read More